WRINKLES Coming Back Already/Getting Worse…Save Your Face Already!

WRINKLES Coming Back Already/Getting Worse…Save Your Face Already!

You spend alot of time and money on BOTOX, FILLERS, PHOTOFACIALS, SKINCARE PRODUCTS! And then begin to erode away your fabulous results at night when you sleep with pressure on your FACE of all things!!! Likely a 6-7 lb. pressure is said to be exerted as you press down your face on your pillow or bed…and YES, you can use satin pillow cases…but offers very minimal help if any…satin pillow cases are great for protecting your hair, but keeping away wrinkles…not especially so.

SAVE MY FACE PILLOW, YOU are YOUR BEST INVESTMENT…Protect Your Face from Unnecessary Wrinkles and Lines!

Injecting BOTOX & FILLERS on numerous guests now at In HIS Image Day Spa, LLC  a frequently asked question has been “What can I do to preserve all of this work I have done on my face now?”…Well YOU asked for it, we listened and we now have “Save My Face” Pillows for ONLY $19.99 and they are truly amazing! Having met the designer and founder of this company  ”Save My Face” pillows, I am most impressed with all the thought that she single handedly put into this design and the quality of the pillow…With the cut out on each side, your face is spared all that wrinkle-creating pressure!  And, YOU can use the pillow behind your neck and back! I have one now and I will NEVER Sleep without one again!!! It is small enough to travel with you, too!!! Also, it decreases the risk of under eye circles and bag with the avoidance of this pressure on your precious face!

YOU have invested a lot in YOUR FACE and YOUR SKINCARE, so shouldn’t you protect your investment and treasure YOU even more?…you will love the “Save My Face” Pillow…at In HIS Image Day Spa,LLC we only share with our guests what we use personally or a close family or friend uses personally because YOU are our guest and we want only the Best for You, too!

Comfort and Protection from Fine Lines & Wrinkles & Under eye Circles & Bags…only wish I had known about SAVE MY FACE Pillows even sooner!

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Pampering Spa Parties are IN! A popular trend for bachelorette parties, Bridal Brunch and Luncheon Spa Parties, Birthday Spa Parties for the Grown-ups, Couple Spa Parties, Neighborhood Spa Parties, Botox Parties, Girls Night Out Parties, Sorority Spa Parties, Reunion Parties, Mommies Mornings Out Spa Parties while Toddlers Away, Deer Hunting Widows Spa Parties, Empty Nesters Spa Parties and MORE! Call us at 770-422-0047 and We would be happy to put together a Package Just for YOU and YOUR FRIENDS and FAMILY…and we are scheduling Spa PARTIES evenings as well as  Saturday Afternoons and Sunday Afternoons by appointment. The Spa is totally reserved for YOU and YOUR PARTY during that time and we are all at Your Beck and Call so to speak just for YOUR SPA PARTY! Frequently, we have contracted for Catering for Your Event or You Can arrange that Yourself. Your Wishes are Our Commands! Let us Help You Enjoy Your Next Celebration  in a MOST SPATACULAR WAY! You Deserve a SPA PARTY!

Parties May Include: BOTOX, FILLERS and ALL LASER SERVICES and Kiss those Frown Lines Goodbye with a SPA PARTY NOW!

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Getting Cheeky…How can Enhancing the Cheek-bones Improve One’s Appearance?

Getting Cheeky…How can Enhancing the Cheek-Bones Improve One’s Appearance?

When women are younger, their face is heart shaped and with aging the face becomes more rectangular with a heavier base. Therefore, by giving the cheeks more fullness, the face looks lifted and more youthful after all. Volume enhancement is the Key to a Youthful Looking Face. With the aging process, cheeks start to flatten out due to sagging, causing a downward, fallen look, as well as a more apparent nasolabial fold. This will make one look tired and aged. Therefore, by refilling the cheek, we reverse the fold and cause the eye to perceive the face as lifted and more Youthful. There are several filler options for Cheek Augmentation that may be used. Dr. Holland’s favorites include Radiesse and the Hyaluronic Acid Family(including Juvederm, Prevelle Silk, Perlane, and Restylane). Each filler has advantages and disadvantages which can be discussed at an individual consultation to see what is right for You. The true Beauty is the Immediate Results with a Younger Looking Face that is both natural looking and feeling. What are You waiting for…isn’t it time to Get Cheeky?!

Looking for Affordable Fillers Near Atlanta, GA Getting Cheeky, Look at those Cheek bones and Beautiful EYES..with no more Crow’s Feet, or Forehead Lines, no Dark Circles or Bags, No Tear Troughs Either, and Beautiful Lashes! Don’t You Love her Smiling Eyes!

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Your Eyes Smile Too, IRISH or not! So HOW DO YOU Have Great Looking Eyes After all?

Your Eyes Smile Too, Irish or not! So How Do YOU have great looking Eyes after all?

Not only do you smile with your lips but YOUR Eyes and Your Whole Face can show that Great Smile! So how do YOU want Your Eyes to LOOK when You Smile? First, Crow’s Feet and those Pesky Elevens between the Brows aren’t so pretty after all! And Forehead Lines aren’t what it takes to Make A Pretty Face Either…BUT there is a SOLUTION…..BOTOX, yes with BOTOX you can be rid of Crow’s Feet, Pesky 11′s between the Brows and Forehead LInes and give Your Best Smiling Eyes…

BOTOX Is the Solution for Your Crow’s Feet Forehead Lines and Pesky Elevens in between Your Brows!

BOTOX is for EVERYONE…Ladies and Gentlemen…Smiling Eyes are important for Both Sexes!



Now, do YOU have dark circles or Bags under Your EYES Sometimes…Never Fear, TEAMINE by REVISIONS SKINCARE LINE is Here and it is GUARANTEED to WORK…It is a truly AMAZING PRODUCT!

ALL Of the Revisions Skincare Line Products are AWARD WINNING Medical Grade Skincare Products only Available at Medical Day Spas!

Now what if you have sunken areas under your eyes? We call those officially Tear Troughs…and we have the solution for that too…FILLERS ( just come on in for a FREE CONSULT to discuss)…numerous great FILLERS (Juvederm, Prevelle Silk, Radiesse, etc)… Finally, LASHES, those Luscious Dark Thick Lashes show off Your Eyes in the Best WAY Ever, but if YOU don’t naturally have THOSE KIND of LASHES (as most people don’t)…the answer is LATISSE(now only $99 here

Latisse for Lush Dark Long Lashes to accent Your Eyes!




So Looking for your Best Smiling EYES and BEAUTIFUL Face! Look no further than BOTOX, TEAMINE, FILLERS, AND/OR LATISSE! We have got You covered and You will have the Most Beautiful Smiling Irish EYES Ever, even if You aren’t Irish!

Beautiful EYES..with no more Crow’s Feet, or Forehead Lines, no Dark Circles or Bags, No Tear Troughs Either, and Beautiful Lashes! Don’t You Love her Smiling Eyes!

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Which Filler to Choose and Why?

The Question of which FILLER to choose is an important question to consider before YOU have fillers done! And Another Important Question is the Cost of Fillers and are you getting what YOU are paying for afterall and so here are some general considerations to keep in mind. To simplify, I want to discuss today 3 Major Fillers and the Pros and Cons of each one of them if you will in My Opinion as an M.D. of Diplomate Status with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and as an Experienced Clinician who has had the chance to use ALL of these Fillers and see the responses! The 3 I will discuss today include: Prevelle Silk, Juvederm, and Radiesse…Other Fillers include Restylane and Perlane.

Let me begin with PREVELLE SILK. It is a GREAT LIP ENHANCING FILLER and is great for LIP LINES, NASOLABIAL FOLDS, TEAR TROUGHS, and to FILL IN SCAR INDENTATIONS! It is composed of primarily Hyaluronic Acid and it has Lidocaine in it for YOUR COMFORT! If Looking for a Cheaper Alternative for a Cheek Filler, Prevelle Silk may be what YOU are looking for after all!

*What are the PROS about PREVELLE SILK FILLER?
1.) More Affordable Generally Speaking than the Other Fillers
2.) Smaller Needle and very smooth delivery system with Lidocaine so minimal to no pain with use of PREVELLE SILK
3.) Amazing Immediate Results
4.) If you ARE NOT Happy with Results, Hyaluronidase enzyme may be administered to dissolve it.
*What are the CONS about PREVELLE SILK FILLER?
1.) It Does Not Last As Long As other Fillers and typically lasts 3-4 months.
2.) It Does contain Lidocaine for comfort but may not be used by someone with Lidocaine Allergies

Next, Let me discuss JUVEDERM by ALLERGAN. JUVEDERM FILLER is made by the same folk that make BOTOX and LATISSE! So a long standing great reputation in the field of Aesthetics and JUVEDERM may be utilized anywhere FILLERS can be delivered, therefore, tear troughs, cheek augmentation, nasolabial folds, nasal bridge, scar revisions, lips fullness, lip lines under lips, jaw line area, and more!
JUVEDERM can be complex because there exists JUVEDERM, JUVEDERM XC, JUVEDERM ULTRA, JUVEDERM ULTRA XC, JUVEDERM ULTRA PLUS, and JUVEDERM ULTRA PLUS XC! To explain this as simply as possible JUVEDERM ULTRA PLUS is the “thicker” one if you will and this is a huge advantage for nasolabial folds and cheek augmentation especially…but personally my favorite for all areas is Juvederm Ultra Plus as a rule as it goes further if you will and lasts longer, too! THE XC means Xylocaine was added for maximum comfort for you as an Aesthetic in the product! Personally, we always order only the XC version as we believe in the most comfort possible!

1.) Tried and True Allergan Product Name
2.) Very small amount of discomfort and delivers very smoothly
3.) Versatile enough to use in ALL Areas needing Filler Replacement
4.) Amazing instant results!
5.) If You are Not Happy with results, Hyaluronidase enzyme may be administered to break it down, therefore very easy to undo a “Pouty lip” for example that you don’t like
6.) Lasts longer than Preveille Silk….JUVEDERM typically lasts 6 months to 12 years!!!
*What are Disadvantages of JUVEDERM?
1.) It is more costly…two or more times the cost of Prevelle Silk!
2.) It is not quite as comfortable as Prevelle Silk as it is being administered
3.) Hard to compare often…advise looking for Juvederm Ultra Plus or at least Ultra …and advise with the Xylocaine for comfort purposes
4.) Greater likelihood of some swelling

*PROS of RADIESSE include:
1.) Lasts Longer than other fillers with it lasting 18 months to 2 years.
2.) May be used in most areas, but not all areas.
3.) It causes Your Own Body to start generating more collagen with the calcium in it for volumizing and stimulation to your own cells to make new ones!

*CONS of RADIESSE include:
1.) As it is made up of Hyaluronidase PLUS Calcium Particles, it is NOT A GOOD FILLER TO USE FOR LIPS OR LIP LINES as Tissues are thin in these areas and often you would be able to see calcium particles and rough appearance or white..also would be careful of using any Radiesse in Tear Troughs..I prefer either Prevelle Silk or JUvederm Ultra Plus XC for use in tear troughs area.
2.) If don’t like it…too bad….because since it has calcium in it there is no way to dissolve it early…therefore if dislike it, you have it for 18 months- 2years.
3.) It is more pricey than others usually.
4.) It does not have an Anesthetic in it, however, most of us (including myself) add a small amount of lidocaine if You have no Allergies to Lidocaine to decrease the discomfort level!

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Granny Wrinkled Hands?

Granny Wrinkled Hands?

Ladies spend alot of time making sure their face maintains a youthful appearance and their hands give them away and age them! Help is available! Great Skincare products are available now especially designed for Hands! Keeping Hands well moisturized is most essential and using sunblock is essential to prevent age spots and premature wrinkling of the hands! One great product is Lumiquin by Revisions Skincare Line! It has been featured as a select award winning hand Skincare product by numerous beauty/fashion magazine editors!A great hand protection in the sun is Intellishade or MultiProtection Factor by Revisions Skincare Line!

Now, how do you turn back the clock once hands are looking like granny wrinkled hands? Fillers are the best solution and provide amazing results! Products that may be used includes Juvederm Ultra Plus and Radiesse! Both products are excellent for providing youthful hands once more. Juvederm will last approximately 9 months to 1 year….and I recommend only the Juvederm Ultra Plus XC here as the Ultra Plus gives more plumping which then aged hands need and XC means anesthetic is in there which will make this a much more comfortable process for you! The Juvederm Ultra Plus XC Product will cost more than Juvederm or Juvederm Ultra but it is well worth the extra money in terms of satisfaction and lasting time. Please be sure to do your homework when scheduling filler appointments,Mabe ause some times you will see pricing that looks great for Juvederm…but it is NOT typically the ultra or ultra plus nor does it have XC….so ask those questions when you book your next Filler appointment! Also, injections may be performed by nurses and physicians and you can ask to know who will be performing your injections and make sure they spend time with you asking specifically what you want and showing you as injections performed so YOU can help make sure YOU get the aesthetic look YOU want! Next, Radiesse is an excellent choice as it has Hyaluronic acid plus calcium in it so it will last longer 18 months to 2 years and aesthetic can be added to make it a more pain- free procedure…ask your provider to provide that…you will be glad you did!

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What is a Truly Great Gift for the Holiday Season?

What is a truly great Gift for the Holiday Season?!

Think about what YOU would want…Now is this a close friend and if so do they LIKE things YOU LIKE..so there You Go..O.K. what if it isn’t that simple? What have you heard them say they might like? What about a Gift Of Wellness? Do you know if they have been wanting Laser Hair Removal, or do you wait on them awhile as they shave To go somewhere..like ladies gotta shave those legs in the summer before to the beach,,,or the ladies you see with tweezers always working at those facial hairs….or the guy that has the gorilla back..you know you have seen this before, right?Perhaps a laser Hair removal session or perhaps better yet a gift certificate to a Medical Spa!

Have  they commented on a purse, or scarf YOU Have? If so, there you go….Have they said they would go to the movies if it wasn’t so expensive….so maybe a special item or maybe a gift certificate to the movie theater!

With Gas prices as they are, maybe a gift certificate to a service Station would come in handy..or if having car problems etc, maybe a gift certificate to an automotive store…

Many folk find a combination gift is in order, I.e. maybe a small wrap up item and a gift certificate or Perhaps 2 Gift Certificates..I.e. Gas and Spa Service ////You Decide…but think about what will make this special person Smile and totally keep them smiling and feeling good about themselves as you select the perfect gift!I

If Looking for A Gift Certificate..we have a SPECIAL for every $100 Gift Certificate bought at In HIS Image Day Spa, LLC you get an additional $10 FREE…you can use it or give it away too!!! So yes if purchase $500 in gift certificates receive another $50 FREE….someone did this last year and used the $50 Themselves! Do take time to take care of YOU this holiday season too, because if you aren’t well and feeling good, you certainly can’t help anyone else! And these IMAGE DOLLARS, as we call them, may be used in any way: LASER HAIR REMOVAL, LASER TATTOO REMOVAL, PHOTOFACIALS, BOTOX, RADIESSE, JUVEDERM,OTHER FILLERS, LATISSE, BODY WRAPS, WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS, REVISIONS SKINCARE PRODUCTS! And our prices are already the best and we are just outside of Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia!

GIFT CERTIFICATES May be used for BOTOX, FILLERS and ALL LASER SERVICES and SHe WILL blow YOU More Kisses Guaranteed and then some!

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Lip Lines? Corners of mouth turning down so everyone says you don’t smile anymore?

Lip Lines? Corners of mouth turning down so everyone says you don’t smile anymore?

If these are comments you are hearing or things you are noticing, don’t worry this is normal with aging. As we age, out lips thin out, often wrinkles are above our upper lip  (especially if you have been a heavy cigarette smoker), and the corners of our lips almost disappear and sag with a downward turn versus upward….but, HELP is Available.,.the Answer is Fillers….and NOT ALL FILLERS are o.k. For LIPS. For example, Radiesse is great for nasolabial folds, cheek augmentation, nose augmentation,  but NOT Lips..as there is calcium particles in Radiesse which might show through lips or cause raised bulges.NOT GOOD…but several Fillers are very good choices here including:  Prevelle Silk, Juvederm, and Restylane. So don’t go around pouting….or looking like you are pouting when you really are not….and show your guy just how smooch-able you really are with lush LIPS! Some clients have remarked after their lip fillers here that their lips look better than they have in their lives! It is amazing and can be done in about 30 minutes and see the immediate results! Have clients Loving us from ALL over Georgia including Gainesville, Ellijay, Athens, Stone Mountain, Kennesaw, Peachtree City, Douglasville, Powder Springs, Buckhead, Smyrna, Warner Robbins and More..not to mention other states including: N.C,, S.C., Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, and Texas!  WOW..what immediate gratification…..can pick up your mood just looking at your luscious lips! And now it is time for some of those great new Lipstick Shades!

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Wrinkle Filler Magic

With Wrinkle Filler Magic, YOU can be BOTOX BEAUTIFUL TODAY!   Watch those Frown Lines, Crow’s Feet, and Forehead Lines become a distant memory for You at In HIS Image Day Spa, LLC located at  707 Whitlock Ave.H9,Marietta,GA   *CALL NOW 770-422-0047 for Your Free Consultation!

Both, BOTOX & FILLERS are Affordably Priced and Injected by Our Caring Expert Marietta MD Just for YOU!Open Some SATURDAYS Now every Month for Your Convenience! With Wrinkle Filler Magic, we aim to please and serve as many as possible, therefore with many requests for Saturday appts. We have expanded in this way!

Dr. Amy Holland,  who has trained with many of the pioneers in the field of Aesthetics from France, Spain and the U.S. is frequently asked what is the Fastest Way for Patients to Look Their Best with Little to No Downtime to which she responds ” A Combination of BOTOX and FILLERS (Juvederm Ultra XC, or Radiesse or Prevelle dependent upon the area(s) and the individual). In approximately 30-45 minutes, these 2 Leading Treatments can Relax Away and Fill-in Years of Lines and Wrinkles and it is quite amazing! With this new Rejuvenated Look, it gives one an increased feeling of well-being and self-confidence, too, and this is what Dr. Holland enjoys most about her work, i.e. watching this whole transformation of an individual.

For those who wish to Maximize their SKIN REJUVENATION and YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE, a combination of BOTOX and FILLERS with LIGHT and LASER TREATMENTS along with a Well-Balanced Home Regimen with many Great Products such as LATISSE for Lush Lashes and REVISIONS Skincare Line Products are Highly Recommended and will be custom picked for Your Skin’s Specific Needs to keep your skin looking amazing following your treatments.

BOTOX BEAUTIFUL and Filler Fulfilled TODAY at In HIS Image Day Spa Offering Specials to fill-in years of Lines and Wrinkles at Affordable Pricing:

BOTOX for only $10/unit (Regular $18/unit)

RADIESSE Filler WEB SPECIAL…………………………………….2 for $600.00   Radiesse Regular $475 for 1 Syringe

JUVEDERM, JUVEDERM XC and JUVEDERM Ultra/Ultra Plus XC…..Call for Specials!

PREVELLE SILK FILLER (Reg. $375)…………………………NOW Only $299!

RADIESSE (Reg. $475/each)………………………………..NOW Only $385 or 2 for $600!

Check Out Our GOOGLE ADS for other Special Savings on Radiesse, Juvederm, and Prevelle Fillers that are advertised from time to time on both Fillers & Botox!

Look No further, LATISSE, a real Special Delight!……………………  Buy Latisse, Regular Price $125//Special $99 includes Your Eye Examination at our In HIS Image Marietta Medical Spa, too, No Additional Fees Whatsoever //LIKE our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/journeyspa for more  Specials….LATISSE Now and Lush Lashes for All of Your Social Events!

Home Care Treatment Regimens as recommended by the Leading Experts include: REVISIONS Physician Only Skin Care Line.  Leading Products include: Teamine, Nectifirm,  Brightening Facial Wash, Exfoliating Facial Rinse, Retinol Facial Repair, Intellishade SPF 45, Revox II, Lumiquin, Gentle Buffing Cream, Black Mask and More! PLEASE NOTE WE NOW SHIP REVISIONS PRODUCTS TO YOU! Call 770-422-0047 for more details and special discount offers for you with purchase or when shipping multiple products! Internet Website Offer Now…While supplies last, receive a FREE Lip Therapy Treatment from us with purchase of Over $50 in Revisions SkinCare Line Products!

***And through August 1, 2012, Buy 4 or more Revisions Skincare Line Products and get a discount of 20% on Your Entire Purchase of REVISIONS Products from us at In HIS Image Day Spa, LLC!

Remember This discount above includes the infamous Teamine by Revisions Skincare Line, Number 1 for Dark Circles Under Eyes and Puffiness! And the Teamine Concealer Light and Medium Shades are HERE! And, You Will Love Your Results with TEAMINE!

REVOX II, by REVISION Is Another Big Favorite at In HIS Image Day Spa, offering a topical Botox effect relaxing areas to decrease Wrinkles..use this to minimize wrinkles or for use after Botox to increase long lasting effectiveness of your Botox!

The other BIG SELLING FAVORITE at Our Spa is Nectifirm by Revisons for Chin Tightening and firming of Neck and decollete area. You will be amazed by the results!

For Every Person’s Delight…skin tightening chin area to reduce/eliminate double chin..$95 Internet Limited Weekday LUNCH Time Special Offer (Reg.$149)utilizing Dermosonic FDA Cellulite Reduction Medical Procedure to rid you of that Turkey Gobbler Look!

As mentioned earlier, Laser Treatments can maximize Your Most Youthful Appearance. PHOTOFACIALS can rejuvenate entire areas such as the face, neck, chest, etc. removing age/brown spots and blood vessels/spider veins. These treatments can take years off of your Appearance. And, we offer Laser Hair Removal Services for ALL Skin types. Please see our other website: www.georgialasersmoothskin.com for more information.

Our REGULAR Prices are much less than competitors, because we are in West Cobb(more affordable location), No elaborate decor, and Our Mission to enable MORE People to have MORE Services while not sacrificing Quality…

All of our Botox and Latisse Products are ALLERGAN and we show it to you as your treatments are administered…Physician, Diplomate of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine with extensive training in Botox and Fillers including advanced techniques from leaders in the Aesthetic Field from the U.S. Spain and France, Dr. Amy J. Holland performs ALL of the injections and is involved first hand with everyone’s care here. And, it should be noted that Every Year, she receives the Prestigious Top Physicians’ Awards, a true testimony to her ability and commitment to her patient’s utmost satisfaction! These Prestigious awards are proudly on display at In HIS Image Day Spa! Please Call for an appointment: 770-422-0047!

Remember At Wrinkle Filler Magic we are here for YOU, Listening attentively, so we can all help you look and feel YOUR Best! Look Young AGAIN! Enjoy Your Journey as that is what it is truly all about, thus in our name, In HIS Image, Whole Wellness Journey Development…as we are truly all on a Developing Journey afterall and it should be enjoyed! With the Best of Care Customized for YOU and Affordable Pricing for Botox, Fillers, Latisse and Revisions Skincare Line Products, what are YOU waiting for?!

And, please call us at 770-422-0047 to hear more about our Monthly Specials….Let us help you reduce or eliminate those frown lines, crow’s feet and so much more, putting a smile on your face. WE HAVE it all…Botox, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, Prevelle Silk and Radiesse FILLERS LATISSE FOR LUSH LASHES, and REVISIONS Skincare Line for Your Home Regimen and LASER SERVICES for PHOTOFACIALS, and PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION!!! CALL FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION NOW!

***Like us on our Facebook Fan Page, www.facebook.com/journeyspa to stay informed of Extra Special Discounts for our FACEBOOK FANS and Also look for our Helpful Healthy Hints posted Daily on our Fan Page.***NOTE: a complimentary treatment for All those who LIKE our PAGE as our way of saying Thank YOU and we appreciate YOU!

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